Student Discounts on Laptops for College

It’s back-to-school shopping time, and college students are on the lookout for deals on the best laptops and electronics for school. There’s no shortage of options, price ranges, and advice about choosing a laptop for college.

The bad news is choosing the right items for you can feel like a good task. The good news is we’ve picked our favorites for every budget. And your college email address may help you save money on computers, software, printers, speakers, and more.

Laptops can range anywhere from around $2000 to under $200. Even a modest student discount can make the difference between being able to afford the laptop you love, or not.

Read on for College Confidential’s picks for the best student discounts on laptops for college students, and our favorite item each company offers for students.

8 Companies With 2021 Student Discounts on Electronics:

  1. Apple
  2. Dell
  3. Microsoft
  4. Samsung
  5. Best Buy
  6. HP
  7. Logitech
  8. Bose

Best Laptops, Printers and Speakers for College

  1. Best Laptop Under $1000: Apple MacBook Air
  2. Best Laptop Under $700: Dell XPS 13 Laptop
  3. Best Laptop Under $600: Microsoft Surface Go and Accessories
  4. Best Laptop Under $500: Samsung Galaxy Pro
  5. Best Laptop under $200: Lenovo Chromebook 3
  6. Best Wireless Printer: HP Deskjet All-in One Wireless Printer
  7. Best Budget Portable Speaker: Logitech’s Z250 portable speaker
  8. Best High-End Portable Bluetooth Speaker: Bose Soundlink Revolve II

College students qualify for discounted education pricing on Apple’s most popular products, including the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro laptops, iPad Pros, and the new iMac, which is available in seven vibrant colors.

For a limited time, Apple is also offering an amazing back to school deal for college students. Students can get a free pair of airpods with certain the purchase of certain computers and iPads. Students are also eligible for an additional 20 percent discount on AppleCare protection, which can save money down the line if the laptop is broken or damaged. 

Best Laptop Under $1000: MacBook Air

If you’re ready to invest in a high-quality laptop for college, the MacBook Air is an excellent choice for a high-quality laptop under $1000. The MacBook Air’s slim design and multiple colors means it’s as sleek as it is stylish. At 2.8 pounds it’s light enough to carry all over campus without breaking your back. 

Students also get free Airpods with purchase of a MacBook and three months free of Apple Arcade, Apple TV, and Apple Music. Listen to music on your new earbuds as you walk around campus.

You may also want to take advantage of the extra 20 percent off Apple Care. It’ll be well worth the money when – I mean, if – you spill coffee on your computer after a long night studying. 

Dell offers a 10 percent student discount for select laptops and electronics for students. There are several XPS and Inspiron laptops in a variety of price points to choose from. their computers also come with an additional coupon code that students can use, and a year of free Premium support.  

Dell also offers price matching, so if you find what they consider an equivalent Dell, HP or Lenovo computer online at a lower price, Dell will match that price.

The Dell XPS 13 Laptop is our pick for best laptop under $700. Starting at $699 before the student discount, it’s a great deal for a thin, lightweight laptop featuring 11th Gen Intel® Core™ processors. Dell also offers financing on the XPS 13 for as low as $21 a month, making it an excellent value for students on a tight budget.

Microsoft offers a year-round 10 percent discount for students, teachers, and parents on select Microsoft products, including computers, software, and gaming equipment.

Microsoft’s Surface Laptop Go is slim enough to fit in a backpack and light enough to carry all day. At 2.45 pounds, it’s even lighter than the MacBook Air. Surface laptops come in a range of price points. The Surface starts at $549 before the student discount.

It can be easily bundled with Microsoft 365 student discount and paired with many accessories. The portable arc mouse has a modern design meant to fits right in the palm of your hand. 

Samsung’s education discount program offers students 10 percent off on phones, laptops and tablets, and updated speed and storage bundles. For a limited time, students also get an extra 15 percent off on certain models, and free Galaxy Pro earbuds.

The Samsung Galaxy Pro might just be our favorite pick for a mid-priced laptop for students. The Galaxy Pros innovative screen-flipping design makes it part-laptop, part-tablet, and totally stylish. At under two pounds,  it’s lighter than both the MacBook Air and the Microsoft Surface.  

The Galaxy Pro gets 21 hours of use for every charge, which means you’re all set if you forget your charger before a long day of class. And its screen automatically adapts to light, reducing eye strain and harmful blue light and making it easy to work inside or out. 

With Samsung’s student discount, the Galaxy Pro won’t break the bank. It starts at $449 for student, or just $9.48 a month for 48 months with financing. The Galaxy Pro may also be eligible for the limited time deal, which offers students an additional 15 percent off and free earbuds.

Best Buy doesn’t have a standard student discount, but they do offer special deals for students on select products. For a limited time, students can get up $100 off certain laptops, Chromebooks, and other electronics. Best Buy also offers open-box deals and price matching with competitors. 

Best Buy offers several types of Chromebooks for under $300 with a student discount. Chromebook technology has come a long way since they were first released ten years ago. They don’t offer as much versatility as higher-priced laptops, but they can be a good budget option for students who mostly use a computer for accessing the internet and writing papers. 

If you’re debating a laptop vs. a chromebook for college, Best Buy’s student deals may help you make up your mind. At just $219, the Lenovo Chromebook 3 costs less than 60 cents a day for your first year. It earns high-marks from users, and even Tom Brant from PCMag says, “The 11-inch-class Lenovo Chromebook 3 ($169.99) is proof that you can buy a well-built laptop with a long-lasting battery for less than $200.”

Chromebook technology has come a long way since they were first released ten years ago. They don’t offer as much versatility as higher-priced laptops, but they can be a good budget option for students who mostly use a computer for accessing the internet and writing papers.

DApple’s MacBook Aireals for students on electronics for college

HP offers a whopping 35% student discount for college students. Browse HP’s Back to School guide for their picks for laptops, monitors, printers and gaming systems for college students. 

HP’s Deskjet All-in One printer wirelessly prints and scans in color, and comes with 6 months of free ink if you sign up for HP Plus. It’s perfect for students who like to work from the comfort of their home or dorm room, and want to skip long printing queues on-campus.

Logitech also offers a solid 25 percent student discount on tablets, bluetooth speakers, headsets, and more. College students can verify their student status through Unidays qualify the discount.

At only $19.99 before the student discount, Logitech’s Z250 portable speaker is a steal. The little speaker plugs into any wireless device to amplify its sound. Paired with a smartphone or computer, It makes a great addition for dorm room hangs or lazy afternoons sitting out in the quad.

Bose offers special student pricing on any audio product over $199. Bose is known for high quality portable speakers, headphones,  and even audio sunglasses. Students must first verify their status through a partner site, ID.me.

Starting at $199, Bose’s portable bluetooth speakers aren’t cheap. but The exceptional sound quality may be worth the investment for music lovers.

Bose’s Soundlink Revolve II is small enough to fit in a small space and powerful enough to fill a large room. The Soundlink is also water resistant and light enough to bring outside you can play your favorite songs while you toss a frisbee around.

Don’t forget to pair your new speaker with Spotify’s student discount for deals on music.

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