How It Works & Savings Explained

Samsung offers students and educators savings on many popular products through its Education Discount Program. Here’s how to register and get started.

For students working toward a degree, or educators contributing to the field, Samsung offers the Education Discount Program. This makes various Samsung products more affordable, enabling students and educators to use these products as learning tools. It also puts Samsung on par with its competitors who have similar programs. Apple, for example, offers an education program for grades K-12, which provides discounts on products like the M1 Macbook Air.

Various recent additions to the Samsung lineup are available on the Education Discount Program, such as the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G. With improved performance and battery life, the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G could be very useful for students and educators who need to utilize their phone throughout the day. Similarly, customers can apply the discount toward a new pair of Galaxy Buds Pro, which offer improved active noise cancellation. Or, if students are looking for a new laptop, the Galaxy Book Flex 5G — the first 5G laptop from Samsung — could be a good choice.

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The Samsung Education Discount Program adds a 10-percent discount to some other existing offers, meaning customers could receive up to 30-percent off. For example, a pair of Galaxy Buds+ in Cosmic Black are currently on sale for $98.99, down from $149.99. The Education Discount Program adds an additional $11 discount to the existing savings. To become eligible, students and educators just have to create a Samsung account with the .edu email address, provided by the school they attend or work with. Once a customer has created the account, they just have to sign in with the .edu email address to take advantage of the savings.

How To Save & Limitations

To access the Education Discount Program, simply visit the Samsung website and click on the “Special Offers” tab. Discounts are available in multiple categories, from phones and laptops, to accessories and even appliances. Customers can either shop by category (if looking to save on a specific product) or browse “All Student Offers” to see the various products available through the discount program.

However, there are some restrictions. Of course, these particular deals are limited to registered Education Discount Program users. Not to mention, prices shown on the website are only available for a limited time and only available online. In addition, there’s a limit of two products per product category or email address each year. As a result, while consumers might be able to save on some of the products they need, they won’t necessarily be able to buy as many Samsung products as they might want.

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