FREE EBAY SHIPPING SUPPLIES COUPON | a benefit of having a store

For most eBay store subscriptions, you get a coupon for some free shipping supplies every quarter. If you’re like me, you find that 3 months is JUST long enough for you to forget where you get your coupon code EVERY SINGLE TIME. Here’s where it is, and how you use it.

Here are some affiliate links for tools and supplies I use in my reselling biz and stand by as being great. If you have any questions about any of these and why I like them, or how I use them, feel free to ask. And thanks for any clicks!

tape dispenser
digital scale
scotty peelers
cutting mat
x-acto gripster knife
x-acto blades
photo light box
metal test kit
boxes for shipping 78s
2-up sticky mailing labels
Dymo 4XL labels
Fave tiny bubble mailers
Vendoo crosslister
icons by flatiron