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Sears has been around since 1886. It is a familiar company for singles and families alike and provides all the items shoppers’ want and need. If you want clothes, there are several sections in the store with various styles to choose from.

They even have a hardware and appliance store, each standing on their own. There you can find anything your home may need including power tools, washing machines, and refrigerators. Their dependable, accommodating staff is there to answer your questions and can even assist in assembling your purchased appliance. These are the principals and services that have kept shoppers returning for more.

The company has provided a variety of shopping options for convenience purposes. In 1895, Sears offered catalog shopping, which was a simple way to pick up the phone—or dated even further back, send in by mail—and place an order. They are still keeping up with the times and keeping their customers in mind by giving them the options they need to shop at their convenience, even if that means not leaving their home.

This is the era of online shopping and Sears has managed to keep up with the trend. Their inventory is online and shoppers can peruse through each category or search by exact item name. The Sears website is tailored to the customer shopping needs.


For the average person, real life comes up. You have a home to maintain and you may not have the time to run out and go in to the store. Sometimes you want to stay home and get the shopping done while doing laundry or cooking a meal. Or you may just want to check out what the store has before you go all the way to the store to make your purchase. Here is where Sears.com comes in handy.

You can conveniently shop while you are still at home. You can indeed find what you’re looking for online before you purchase it. You even have the option to order online and pick up at your local Sears.

Dependable and Secure

People are often hesitant about buying items online. Each website has to receive a certificate in order to operate as an online retailer. This will ensure that customers can use their private financial details to safely purchase their items. So rest assure when you are doing your online shopping with Sears. Your details will be protected with the best security measures the company can use.

More Clothing Options

If you can’t find it in store, it’s likely to be online. Sears has a wide range of clothing styles, brands, and colors. Their online inventory is plentiful as well. When searching for the perfect outfit in store and you can’t find it in your size, you will be happy to know it’s online.

If it’s sold out, you can receive an update on when it will be restocked through an alert sent to your email. Other than this small hiccup, the site is fully stocked and available for you to purchase.

More Models and Styles

Again, if it’s not in stores, it will likely be online. When searching for the perfect tool that you may have seen in the Sunday flier or on a commercial, you may not find it exactly in the store.

Online, the inventory is more expansive. They may have an item that isn’t in store or has been sold out at those locations. You can even find additional colors or particular styles that are exclusively sold online. This is another reason to check online prior to leaving for the store. Look through the online inventory and discover the options you have for

Rewards and Deals

Sears.com offers great deals for loyal shoppers. By providing your email address to subscribe to their newsletters, advertisements, and updates, you can receive exclusive special offers right to your inbox. Some may offer a percentage off of your purchase or you may get a heads up for special shopping events.

Sears has always provided a way for customers to shop and save both money and time. As one of the firsts to offer mail-in ordering, it makes sense that in the 2010s they are a trusted name in online shopping.

Sears has to offer

What Sears has to offer
If you want to purchase various products in one shop, then Sears is the right retail store for you. Everything that you need is available at Sears, because they have studied and understand what customers need for over a century. No matter what you are looking for they can always supply it to you. Sears is an expert in retailing products such as footwear, furniture, beauty products, house ware, electronics, school supplies, clothing, bedding, jewelry, appliances, tools, office supplies and more which is why they are considered to be an outstanding retail destination! After years of study, they have developed the right formula for achieving both customer satisfaction and always meeting their needs.

The best thing about Sears
Everything about Sears is quite simple – at the end of the day, you get just what you need.

They have stores nationwide and an online store that makes it simple to purchase any of their merchandise. You can also choose the payment method for your desired items.

They don’t just provide the items and supplies you want, they also provide discounts on almost every item you can purchase, keeping customers happy about shopping at their store.

Doesn’t matter if you just stopped by to browse or you are looking for a specific item for your home or office. You know you always have a choice with Sears and their website is available for 24/7 convenience. Navigating? Not a problem. They have web developers to keep their website updated and user-friendly.

Sears coupons

Sears coupons and promo codes
As a leading retailer, Sears offer great deals in garden & home products and appliances. Spot any sale on Sears and get the latest Sears auto coupons or promo codes. You’ll get the best possible discounts if you shop at Sears. They feature free shipping and savings up to $24, every time you purchase an item. Sears is competitive – they constantly aim to reach to their valued customers by offering great deals and budget friendly discounts. As one of the largest retail companies that you can find in America, Sears makes sure that they will deliver products that will satisfy their clients at a price they will love! Still, if you have any complaints about the product or you received a damaged item you can always return it thanks to their customer-friendly return policy.
how to use sears coupons

How to use a Sears coupon?
Sears is a retail store where you can find a wide range of exciting promotional codes and discount coupons. The deals offered by the site include of specific dollar savings on purchases above certain amounts, and percentage discounts on departmental purchases. You will be able to find the best deals by visiting the Sears.com site. New Sears online coupons go live every Saturday and Sunday. Site-wide sales for a 48-hour window are also posted at least twice a month. You can redeem the discounts by using the Sears coupon codes during checkout. You can, however, only use one promo code per order.

How to save at Sears?
Black Fridays, Cyber Mondays and the time immediately following Christmas are the best days to shop at Sears. These sales, however, come only once a year so you should look out for the Sears Clearance Sales where you can save up to 80% on fashion for men and women, furniture, electronics, kids fashion and toys, car tools and parts, etc. You can also use a coupon code to add further discounts when shopping during these periods. Another way to save maximum money is by shopping at Deal Heist, which offers additional discounts of up to 20% on over 250 items per day. This section features items like laptops and big-screen TVs, handbags, jewelry items, and essential home appliances. You can also use the Printable Coupons and Sears auto coupon at Sears Auto locations to save up to $500 or get $100 cash back on purchases of car parts and services. Signing up as a member of the Shop Your Way program will also help you earn 5-25% in points! In case you are unsure about signing up for the membership, you can try it out for a limited 3-month period. Another exciting aspect of shopping at Sears is that if you come across an advertisement offering an item at a cheaper price, you can bring the advertisement to the store within 14 days of purchase, and get a full refund of the difference!

free shipping $35 sears

Sears free shipping policy
There is a free shipping offer on select merchandise with weight below 150lbs, but there must be a relevant icon next to the item. Depending on the availability of the item, you can purchase it online and pick it up from the store on the very same day. Free shipping is also offered when purchases exceed a certain limit or by using a separate promo code from Sears. This will help save a large amount of money on if you are a regular buyer. In regards to the return policy, Sears does not have a time limit for the return or exchange of products from Lands’ End. The units can, however, only be returned when they have not been opened or used in any way. In regards to other items from Sears, the return or refund policy is valid for a period of 30-90 days. This time period differs from brand to brand. There is also a price-match guarantee on offer with Sears. In this offer, if you are able to find a cheaper price on any item, you can take the advertisement to the store. The store will offer you a refund of the difference in price.

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